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It's been awhile but if you still follow this journal here are my updates:

+ New awards have been added to the Inuyasha Awards and Doctor Who Awards galleries.

+ All of my Doctor Who fics are now current at A Teaspoon and an Open Mind.

+ New Avengers drabble (Wanda/Pietro; comfort): A Reward for Success. Also part of the Scarlet Witch Stories at AO3.

+ New Doctor Who drabble (Clara/Missy; dubcon): Perfect Package.

+ Next Generation: Shiori Chronicles is off hiatus and is being updated.

+ Absurd Distractions is off hiatus and is being updated.

+ The Unquiet Winds is off hiatus and is being updated.

+ New Inuyasha drabble (Kikyou/Naraku; suspense): To Bind Her. Winner at the 2015 [livejournal.com profile] fa_awards.

+ New Inuyasha oneshot (Inuyasha/Kagome; angst/romance): His Voice a Promise.

+ New Inuyasha drabble (Inuyasha/Kagome; fluff): A Prayer for Them. Winner of the "Whispered Prayer" theme at [livejournal.com profile] firsttweak.

+ New Doctor Who ficlet (Amy, Vincent; drama): Sunflower Girl. Third place tie winner at [livejournal.com profile] who_contest for the "Yellow" drabble theme.

+ Arrow drabble fandom-stocking (Oliver/Felicity; angst): Ghost.

+ Arrow one-shot fandom-stocking (Oliver/Felicity; angst): The Quiet of the Late Nights.

+ Doctor Who drabble fandom-stocking (Eight/Charley; friendship): Idle Moment.

+ New Doctor Who serialization (Twelve/Clara; friendship/romance), multiple contests/prompts: Turn and Face the Strange.

+ Doctor Who drabble (River/Twelve: romance): Balm.

+ Doctor Who drabble (Twelfth Doctor: gen): Ashes and Fears. Winner second place for "River" at [livejournal.com profile] who_contest.

+ Doctor Who oneshot (Vicki, First Doctor: gen): Descent.

+ Inuyasha drabble (Inuyasha/Kagome: romance): String of Power

+ Completed Arrow Fic (Oliver/Felicity, Slade/Felicity: romance): Dark Stranger.

As always, please follow me at [community profile] paynesgrey_fics for more up-to-date access to my stories.


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